Ocawa - Homepage (french)

OCAWA: Quality can now be measured

Ocawa is by far the most advanced resource for verifying website accessibility

  • Works with a variety of rule-sets
  • takes an entire rule-set into account (not just the easy parts)
  • audits can be done on the fly (page by page) or preprogrammed (spidering a site, scenario, etc)
  • generates an in-depth technical report, with source line references and complete source code-- ideal for developers
  • generates a high-level report, indicating general accessibility trends and providing a repeatable, verifiable percentage score--ideal for decision makers working with many simultaneous projects

Ocawa is the product of an intense collaboration over many years, between the teams of France Telecom R&D and the accessibility experts, Urbilog

Ocawa consists of 3 modules:

  1. Ocawa Automatic
  2. Ocawa Assistant
  3. Ocawa Eclipse Plug-in

You can test Ocawa directly with the following link:

For all complementary information, the Ocawa team is available to respond to questions and needs.